Slave under harsh control

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Together with Madame Karin and Madame Angela I took slave Tom under our control. As agreed, both Mistresses sent him to me for other part of his training.  Precisely as it was planned the slave arrived at my studio with a gag from panties and a chastity belt that he had on for several weeks. He wasn’t allowed to speak. I ordered him to get naked and come to the torture chamber. He got ready and obediently and hurriedly entered the chamber. Immediately, just for the beginning he had to kneel and greet me by kissing my shoe. I harshly pressed his head in place with my other shoe to do a proper greeting. Then I tied him to the frame and frolics started in form of hard and uncompromising torture. I intended to test him in all painful situations and to watch his reactions, whether he can humbly take and thank Madame. I put clamps on his nipples and connected them to his chastity belt. Any movement of his cock down would mean bigger pain on his nipples. Then I tied a basket to his balls and gradually poured water into it while watching how he can take pain. Occasionally I swung the basket into motion. His mouth still with panties I sealed with a tape. I untied him from the frame and allowed him to kiss my ass and legs as a reward. Next, I tied him to the bench and crushed his balls with my heels and then put many clothes-pegs on his balls. The torture with electro neon wand followed. He took maximum and thanked Me humbly. It was time to begin his bitch training. While he was tied to the spanking horse, I stretched his anal which was already prepared by Madame Karin a day before. I could see his big suffering. Then he obediently and deeply sucked the strap on. Being untied from the horse he fell to the floor and I tied him again and covered his eyes with a mask and removed his gag. I left to prepare golden champagne for later use. How will he like spit from the floor? He obediently licked everything and then properly cleaned Madame’s shoes with his tongue. It was time to serve a drink. Thus, I tied him to the bed, put on the latex mask and a vibrational egg to his cock. I tormented his cock with the egg a bit, he was not allowed to cum. He took what he could. I connected a funnel to the latex mask and nicely and gradually had him drink hot golden champagne. He hates it, but he obediently swallowed it all. I was surprised. The rest of champagne I poured into 3 ampules. I untied him from the bed and send him to the bathroom to take a shower. I waited for his return to my feet. I locked him again into chastity belt, panties soaked in my champagne put into his mouth and sent him to get dressed. Before leaving I emptied his wallet and sent him out. He had to wait for my text message with instructions in the car. He was allowed to eat only sponge biscuits for lunch and snack. What were these 3 ampules with my champagne good for? He mixed them with sponge biscuits. Without my permission he was not allowed to eat anything else. Nevertheless, he did not consume one ampule. He was sent to a hotel and had to text me his hotel room number. He didn’t know what to expect. For whole time he was tracked by GPS by Madame Karin. Before 8 pm I came to the hotel. He didn’t know about my arrival. Thus, he was shocked to meet me in the hotel lift oh his way to the dinner. The unauthorised dinner! He was caught in the act! We returned to his room. He had to beg me and lick my shoes. I tied him to the chair and my new bitch underwent a beauty salon practices – hardly to remove mask, waterproof mascara and black nail polish on his hands and feet. I wrote some naughty words on his body with a hardly wash away marker. What a beauty, with a chastity belt and clamps on his nipples. I ordered him to lay on the bed. He got an extending gag and could taste my spit. It was time to feed my bitch with some pieces of pastry. Then he had to bring the last ampule with my champagne. He obediently ate and drank everything. It was time to wash off the mask. I took him to the toilet, pushed his head into the water closet and splashed it several times. Again, I emptied his wallet and left the hotel room. The rest of his fate was in the hands of Madame Karin.

24-hour prisoned and tortured slave

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The slave confirmed everything. He should have arrived at 17:30, yet a text message came that he will have a 20 minutes delay. Madam dislikes waiting. Immediately after he arrived smiling that everything is OK, Madam angrily ordered him to undress and told him that he is expected RIGHT AWAY in the next room. Slave was shocked at reaction of his Madam, but obeyed, very quickly undressed himself and was already kneeling in front of his Madam. She tied him to the frame, put on deprivation mask, tied up his balls and decided to “play” with her slave a bit. The slave did not know, what awaits him. Madam took charge of her punitive aids – paddle, riding crop, whip, cane, bull whip – and punished the slave properly. He had no choice but to suffer punishment and wait till Madam clams down. That wasn’t all. She intended to torment him more. What can his balls take? She hanged a basket filled with water on his balls and added few more stokes on his buttocks. She told him: “Don’t spill it!”, while he was twitching in pain. Occasionally she bounced with the basket a little bit. Finally, Madam took a fancy of some electro torture. She fixed electrodes on his cock, sat down on the chair to have comfortable view at him and turned it on. The slave snorted and tossed himself exhaustedly. (1) She untied and unplugged the slave and sent him to bathroom to shower and to unpack his cosmetics. The satisfied Madam prepared her coffee, sat down and with smile on her face was waiting for now obedient slave. They chatted for a while. Meanwhile Madam was seized with an urge for another frolics. She sent the slave to the torture room.  Madam mummified the slave and tied him to the bed with intension to test what his cock can take. Some clothes-pins and electro torture… (2) Finally, she untied him and sent him to shower again. She then locked the slave to the cage. It was time for dinner. Madam prepared home-made burgers for her and delicious piss and crackers for the slave into dog bowls. Madam then rested with glass of wine and her pet. (3) The slave was sent to bathroom to make evening hygiene and tied him to the bed for sleep. Lady rested with glass of wine while listening how her slave was trying to fall asleep vainly. Then Madam went to bathroom for her evening routine and to sleep into her bed. At night slave was waking up Madam with faint noises, so She decided to surprise him with small electro torture. After that she went to sleep. Early morning, she heard that slave finally fell asleep. It was time for morning alarm. After 2 hours’ sleep, she woke up the slave, sent him to bathroom and he had to crawl for waking-up whipping. (4) Breakfast followed, into dog bowl in the cage – buckwheat porridge and fresh morning golden shower. (5) Lady relished the coffee at the table while answering emails. (6) After hard work Madam was seized with an urge to surprise him. She seated him on gynaecological armchair, tied him and hardly tortured his cock with suction, vibrations, electro torture and Wartenberg wheel. At the end she tested his anal. (7) After that shower and locking into the cage. For lunch, slave was served with pasta, ketchup, some mincemeat and piss. (8) Madam then had a rest in the bed with her pet. Not to be it so easy for the slave, Madam decided to tie him to the bench and put on the deprivation mask and let him think. Madam rested again. When She was bored, she approached the slave put the latex mask with a funnel on his head and flooded him a bit with her own piss. (9) He was sent to shower himself and Madam wanted to relax again. She commanded the slave to make her pedicure. To remove nail polish nicely and polish nails with the new one. Based on the performance of his work he might be rewarded or punished. Pedicure wasn’t a big deal. He had to massage Madam, her backs and legs. Slave was tensed up, started to sweat which Madam didn’t like. When he finished his task, she led slave into the torture room and as punishment he will get proper trashing with whip, riding crop, and canes. (10) Eventually She takes pity on him and will indulge him with facesitting with delightful ending. The slave packs his belongings and goes home. He submits slave tax to Madam and leaves…

A visit with an unexpected progress.

On Saturday morning slave J arrived at My studio exactly at the appointed time full of expectation. He did not know what awaits him. He was ordered not to urinate. The door opened, and Madam Gabriela and I were waiting him dressed as female physicians. Once our patient entered the torture chamber, we tied him on the hanging system, his legs apart. His balls were tightly tied, we began to grind his cock with our knees, which was followed by squeezing and crushing. To make it for J more interesting, he got the mask over his eyes. He was horny and waiting what is next. Splash, ... the first lash from the paddle over his glans. He thanked, and more lashes followed one after another. Gabriela pushed on and I was enjoying a cup of coffee and a cigarette, the perfect fun for the Lady. Finally, I decided not only to stand by, and I put my tired feet on his balls with help of ropes. His suffering groans sounded perfectly to us. When the paddle was not enough, I started whipping his balls with a riding crop. After a few lashes, I decided to give him short rest and reward him by privilege of worshiping of our asses. Now it's time to push harder. I tightly tied him to a gynaecological chair, put poppers into his gas mask and tested sensitivity of prostate and tenderness of his full bladder through dilatation. His well stretched urethra was then ideal for electro stimulation of balls and electric dilatation. For perfect prostate irritation we added anal stimulation with the fucking machine. The slave began to complain about the bladder pain, so I catheterized him with a physiological solution, and then the poor man was humiliated to perfection - he urinated into his own mouth. To make matters worse, for the end of the overwhelming session, we squeezed his balls in a vice, properly covered them with wax, sucked it with sucking machine, and just before his ejaculation Madam Gabriela squeezed tightly his balls with her hand for the most intensive experience. The slave was breathing heavily for couple of minutes while chained to the iron bed and then he was released to the bathroom ...


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